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Course curriculum

    1. ETS Intro/Course Welcome

    2. HP Tuners Basic Set Up

    3. Validating Sensors On The S550

    1. General Fuel Ford S550 Introduction

    2. What Is Lambda?

    3. Stoich Table Overview

    4. Accurately Inputting Injector Data

    5. Inputting Injector Dynamics Data Correctly

    6. Power Enrich WOT Lambda Commands

    7. Port Injection and Direct Injection Blending Strategies

    8. Fuel Cutoff and Limiters

    9. S550 Predator Engine Limiters

    10. Start Of Injection & End Of Injection

    11. S550 Injector Limits

    12. S550 Flex Fuel

    13. S550 Flex Fuel Scanner Review

    1. Basic Spark Understanding

    2. Understanding The Ford Knock Strategy

    3. Understanding Spark Modifiers (ECT, MCT, Tip In, Lambda Modifiers, Global Adders)

    4. Knock Sensors and Spark Dwell

    5. Setting Cylinder Pressure Limits

    1. Coyote (GT) & Voodoo (Gt350) Airflow Overview

    2. Predator (GT500) Airflow Overview

    3. Understanding Electronic Throttle Tables

    4. Aftermarket Throttle Bodies

    5. ETC Throttle Angle Error

    6. Understanding & Modifying The TIVCT (Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing)

    7. Rescaling The Mass Airflow Sensor

    8. Making Changes To Our Mass Airflow Table

    9. MAP Max Delta Above Barometric Pressure Table

    10. Aftermarket Camshafts

    11. IMRC Delete

    1. Understanding the Torque & Inverse Calculator

    2. Understanding The IPC Monitoring System

    3. IPC Extension

    4. Understanding & Modifying the Torque Management Tables

    5. Understanding & Modifying The Driver Demand Tables

    6. Driver Demand Extension

    1. Tune Only & Intake 2018+ Mustang GT

    2. Twin Turbo 2018+ S550

    3. Whipple GT350

    4. Gt500 Bolt Ons

    5. 8 Second Twin Turbo Coyote Recipe

    6. 1000 Rwhp Gt500 Recipe

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  • 46 lessons
  • 11.5 hours of video content