“I've subscribed and/or bought into multiple "tuning schools" over the years, in effort to find one that not only sets you up with a solid process, but also explains in detail the changes you are making to the calibration and why, as well as the common tunes you see others do that are not at all necessary. Elite Tuned School checks all the boxes. I purchased their GEN 5 Bundle last week as I was running into minor but annoying issues with start-up and drivability on a Heads/Cam C7z we finished up a week or two prior. Not only was I able to simply resolve the issues I was having, I found multiple other tables in the file that were poorly set-up from either me or whomever tuned the vehicle prior, and could have easily caused issues for the customer down the road. 10/10 HIGHLY RECOMMEND for anyone that's just getting into messing with the GEN 5 platform, or people who have a decent understanding and knowledge and are just looking for clarification with certain aspects to save time with difficult vehicles. Lastly, the customer service is absolutely top tier! Since completing the course both Mike Carnahan and Branden Leeb have reached out to me in efforts to clarify any part of the course that I may have wanted a more in depth explanation on.”

Jared Hampp/Omega Performance